Excursions at chaouen

Excursions from Tangier: Chaouen

Chaouen, a mountain oriented city: Located on the hillside, one of   the living jewels of the north, the city of Chaouen or as it is called in the Riffi dialect, chaouen. It Berber name «city with two horns» a denomination explained by the presence of the two mountain peaks overlooking the city   was assigned by its first inhabitants.

Chaouen is a city where nature is kept in its virginity, to discover on the spot. Mountain hikers will be given the chance to fans to admire new landscapes with peaks rising up to almost 2000 meters.

The white and blue washed houses here within the medina are dreamlike in their sheer beauty, and even the floods of tourists exploring them can’t break this town’s magical spell. Get good view over the entire medina by taking a walk out of town along the Ras-el-Maa river.

  • The Medina

Chaouen is privileged with a lovely Medina, quaint and uncrowded This part of town offers an excellent place to experience the towns street’s life,

  • Uta El Hamam Square

While wondering through the medina’s cobbled street you can visit Uta el Haam square; the heartbeat of Chaouen, its treasures includes the beautiful mosque, the Kasbah, craft and art shops as well as a plenty of cofees and restaurant.

  • The Kasbah

It is around 1471 that Chaouen and its Kasbah came to existence being Makhzanian residence. It was also a military facility with 11 towers and a lookout point scattering over the imposing walls. Its clear view used to help detect any intrusions. The green shades of the lush and fragrant garden beautifully blend into the fiery ocher of the building and offer visitors a guaranteed change of scenery.

The Casbah Museum is located at the famous square of Uta el Hamam, it houses an important collection of Moroccan art. Musical instrument, and ceramics.

  • Talassemtane National Park

The city of Chaouen sits right on the border of the Talassemtane National Park. The park was designed in 1989 and covers some 145.000 hectares. It is a great location for hiking and trekkling.  Many routes are available for short half-or day hikes as well as longer trekking and camping excursions. The park has a Mediterranean ecosystem including Rif Monkeys, native bird varieties and more than 239 plants species.

  • Ras el Maa

The waterfall of Ras el Maa is just beyond the far northeasten gate of Chaouen medina. It’s here, where the water comes gushing out of mountains.  Local woman come to do their washing there. The sound of the water and the verdant hills just beyond the medina wall provide a sudden, strong dose of nature.