Passengers Port

Tangier City new passenger port offers important infrastructures dedicated to cruises and fast ferries:


The development work has been planned to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships with the aim to improve the reception and security conditions of cruise passengers. Three berths will be dedicated to this activity, the largest of which will be 360 m long.

The first the extension of the cruise platform, backed by the main jetty, was completed at the end of 2013. This extension regularly accommodates ships with a length of 330 meters. One of the largest cruise Ships that call in Tangier City Port is the « Norwegian Epic », a sea giant of 329,45 meters long with a capacity of 4,100 cruise passengers.

Studies done by cruise lines show that the potential of the port of Tangier is beyond current traffic.

Indeed, Tangier has major assets for the development of this activity: exceptional geographical position at the crossroads of the Atlantic and Mediterranean itineraries, rich history of the city and its region and development of infrastructures of communication with the rest of the Kingdom. The proximity of the medina is also a great opportunity to encourage cultural tourism.


ferry :

The New Port of Tangier City has also planned the development of a fast-ferry passenger terminal comprising 3 berths, the upgrade and modernization of the existing ferry terminal and improvement of passenger’s reception procedures.

Every year more than 1.4 million passengers pass through Tangier-TARIFA line, including about 400,000 tourists.

Below are some facts concerning the ferry terminal:

  • Total Surface: 2800 m²
  • Modernization of the old station
  • Lobby dedicated to cruise passengers
  • Administrative building
  • Waiting areas


  • Port is served by fast ferries
  • Travels of 45 mn from Europe
  • Flexible ways of Control and transit
  • Departure every 4 hours….

The upgrading and modernization work of the ferry terminal is approximately 75% and is expected to be completed by 2017.